January 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm America/Mexico City Timezone
Insurgentes 109 col. Emiliano Zapata
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Garth Brooks Tribute @ Incanto



The Will Chalmers Tribute

Recording star Garth Brooks became the best-selling solo artist in the USA largely due to his ability to combine modern rock music styles with traditional country themes, both in his recordings and concert performances. He has sold more than 170 million records, won 2 Grammys, 17 American Music Awards and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2012. His concerts have filled stadiums throughout the world and have raised the bar for country music artists everywhere. Nagging personal and career problems caused him to put his career on hiatus for 8 years. However, he has recently begun a gradual re-entry into the limelight.

A native of Collingwood, Ontario, Will Chalmers is known throughout North America and beyond for his “Solitary Man” show, which has been called “the definitive Neil Diamond tribute”. But after 15 years doing Diamond, Will decided to strike out in a different direction. Since country music is as popular as rock’n’roll with many of his fans, he decided to take a stab at “modern country”. And no one on the planet has been more successful at bringing modern country music to the masses than Garth Brooks.

To develop A Garth Brooks show, Will carefully studied Brooks’ songs, voice and stage mannerisms. He watched every music video and piece of concert footage he could get his hands on, looking for the elements that made Brooks so popular. What he discovered was that the easily recognizable voice, exciting stage presence and down to earth songs were only part of the story. Brooks’ real talent was his ability to take control of a concert hall and connect with an audience. Will knew that this was a skill he had to learn if he was serious about paying tribute to an important musical icon like Brooks. As it turned out, his years of playing in front of an audience as Neil Diamond served him well and it wasn’t long before booking agents were regularly using him as their “Garth guy”.

Will Chalmers’ show features “Friends In Low Places”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, “The Thunder Rolls” and Brooks’ personal favorite “The Dance”. On January 17th he appears at The Luna Lounge, in Bucerias, and on January 19th at Incanto, in Puerto Vallarta. Details are available on the venue websites and elsewhere in this publication.